Marge and Jim Gower  were born in Auburn New York. They live in their home with their French Bulldog (Bug),two parakeets, and cockatiel.  Marge was the oldest girl with four siblings. After she married and started a family, Marge was a stay-at-home mom, until her girls entered school.

Jim grew up in a family of nine, of which he was the youngest. He served in the Air Force in Viet Nam. He retired from building air conditioners in January 2012.  Jim spends his retirement wood burning, drawing, and listening to a diverse collection of music.

They have two daughters Colleen and Carrie. Colleen is a security guard and has two children Nicole (5) and Joshua (3).   Carrie and Kurt received their bundle of joy (Helen Marie) in December 2012. Carrie is a Special needs teacher and her husband, Kurt, works as a master controller on a local TV station. 

 Marge has a devotional published in an anthology “Love is a Verb”. She has had many devotionals published in the “Ready Writer” a newsletter published online by the Fellowship of Christian Writers. An article 6 Ideas for Christian Writing was published online by the Working Writer’s Club.


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