Posted by: Marge Gower | March 11, 2013

Living the Gospel

imagesCAG228MGNot all of us are called to give dramatic, public witness to God’s word. We are all called, however, to live the Gospel in our lives. — from Lent with St. Francis

We often see people standing on a corner witnessing God’s good news. They sometimes yell and scream or play music to get noticed. They will do anything to get people to listen to God’s message. This is neither good or bad. They are following the path they feel God gave them. Sometimes we might be annoyed and other times we wonder why we can’t be braver in our relationship with God. Not all of us are  dramatic witnesses in such a public way.

I’m aware that I’m not a public witness. Most of us can and do live our faith journey. We witness to the gospel through our everyday lives. Both aspects are very important to God’s message. Each person’s gift is a necessary component to faith walks. Actions can speak louder than words. If we follow the Gospel, we are a public witness.



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