Posted by: Marge Gower | March 4, 2013

Jesus in Our Home

Like JesusJesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teachings. My father will love them and we will come to them, and make our home with them.” 1John 14:23 NIV

You’re comforted to realize God is making his home with you or it may make you uneasy. Would he be happy with what he sees in your home. Have you ever had a little voice come from within you, as you were about to make a wrong decision? Is it God or is it conscience.? Either choice makes it the voice of  one of the special guests in your home. He’s  nudging you to reconsider your choices.

 I’ve experienced His frequent nudges, listened, and Jesus is ever faithful. He doesn’t force me to make his decision. However, when I don’t, I am responsible for the outcome, not God. I keep my heart opened to his whisperings. His nudge shouldn’t make me uneasy. His nudging’s pump life into my heart, just like the my vessels pump the blood through my heart.

Lord, keep nudging us with your word. Help us keep healthy hearts and souls by living your teachings. Thank you for being in our home. Let our actions and words show our appreciation.


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