Posted by: Marge Gower | February 25, 2013

Blessed Friendship

helpFriendships are strengthened by our ability to put our friends’ needs ahead of our own, and by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in letting others take care of us when we are down — from Finding My Voice

In a friendship, helping is never a problem. We are always willing to reach out and give our friends whatever help they need. We usually without giving a thought to our needs. We offer sympathy, physical, and spiritual help, if asked for.

We don’t want to allow others to help us. We want to appear strong to our friends. Sometimes our friends need the opportunity to strengthen the friendship by returning our care and concern.

Appearing strong all the time doesn’t allow the friendship to grow and blossom. Let your friends take care of you when you’re down. It will be a blessing to you and them.

Lord, bless our friendships and help us to let go and let our friends take care of us, when we are down. Help us to do it gracefully and with gratitude.



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