Posted by: Marge Gower | February 8, 2013

Helping, Not Judging

Just as there are people who will not eat today without help, through no fault of their imagesCA3GZ97Vown, there are people who will never make it to heaven without a great deal of help. Judging them is not our business. Our role is to help whomever we can without criticism.

This meditation is from the book Make Room For God. I thought about the words and realized how true it is. Many children and the elderly cannot do everyday tasks themselves. We do not question how we may be able to help them.

The story is different, however, when we observe people who are in danger not making it to  heaven because of bad choices. I’ve listened as people complain, when they see a person sitting in the front of the church, whom they consider a sinner. They are in God’s house and they are being judgmental. We all slip and need help periodically. Our priest once said, “If the sinners are sitting in front of the church, don’t complain. They’re right were the need to be. They can hear everything.”

Lots of times, we stand back and judge, rather than finding a way to mentor the person. We  should be willing to help others, when possible. Not all people want help, but we can offer, acceptance is another choice they need to make. Help without criticism is what all of us sinners need.

Lord, help us to accept the role of helper. Guide us as we help without criticism.


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